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Update - 21 noiembrie 2013
Construiti-va propriul LaunchPad / Booster pack
Build your own Booster pack

Update - 12 iulie 2011
O prezentare draguta de la Texas Instruments :)
Make the Switch to TI Microcontrollers

Update - 24 mai 2011
Tutorial interesant MSP430 (PDF, 92 pagini) Updated MSP430 Tutorial now Available
100+ articole despre MSP430 precum: ADC, Bit manipulation in C, Clock etc. (PDF, EPUB) Connexions
Pentru incepatori Best information for those new to the MSP430?

Update - 13 mai 2011
Pagina oficiala Texas Instruments MSP430 Launchpad

Update - 6 aprilie 2011
Am primit astazi de la Texas Instruments anuntul despre un update important pentru MSP430 Launchpad.
MSP430 LaunchPad Firmware Update

MSP430 LaunchPad (MSP-EXP430G2) - pagina oficiala

MSP430 Assembler - cross-platform assembler and disassembly utility
MSPDebug - free debugger
GCC toolchain
Energia is a rapid electronics prototyping platform for the Texas Instruments msp430 LaunchPad. Energia is based on Wiring and Arduino and uses the Processing IDE.
Online editor and compiler
GCC 4.x toolchain
MSPSim - Java-based instruction level simulator

MSP430 LaunchPad Learning Community

~suspended-chord dev blog - diverse
Four-Three-Oh! - MSP430 News, Projects, Hacks and Forums
Launchpad blog

Launchpad Shields - deocamdata doar un proto-shield
Embedded Kits - low-cost professional-grade MSP430 Development Tools and Modules
MSP430 - comparatie cu DEC PDP-11 pentru cine isi mai aduce aminte de el ;-)
Scientific Instruments - using MSP430

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